Our Values

At Coop Midcounties we have selected four key values that we believe are the main elements guiding our business practices. They are: Democracy, Openness, Equality and Social Responsibility. You can find out more about this here.

  • Democracy

    All co-operatives are democratic organisations, owned, controlled and run by our members. Our Board of Directors consists of members elected by other members into these roles, and the Board drives the direction our Society takes.

    Our AGM is the perfect forum for members to have their say. Our democratic structure means that members must agree any rule changes that are passed and have an open forum to ask questions of the Board and Executive team. Discussions are also hosted on the day – it is true democracy in action.

  • Openness

    Openness means many things for our Society, but principally it’s about creating an environment where everyone is free to share their views and have an input into their Society. Internally this is done through an annual Colleague Survey, regular Colleague Council meetings and forums and conferences that allow everyone to bring their ideas to the table.

    Openness is also important when it comes to honestly and transparently communicating with our members and customers. Trust is something that is at the heart of co-operatives and we therefore strive to open and honest with everyone we come into contact with.

  • Equality

    Our commitment to equality means recognising the opportunities and benefits each individual can bring to Society, and realising that, while everyone is different, we all deserve to be treated fairly and equally.

    We know that to be a strong business diversity, both within the business and our customer base, is a key consideration and we have a number of focus groups set up to ensure we addressing this issue as comprehensively as possible.

    And, as an equal opportunities employer, we strive to create an inclusive working environment for all colleagues.

  • Social Responsibility

    Many businesses these days claim to be socially responsible. For co-operatives this goes much further. Forming one of the values on which we base our business, social responsibility is at the heart of co-operation.

    From returning a share of our profits to our local communities to supporting renewable energy projects, fair trade and local suppliers; we hope that we are building a better environment for everyone.

Working Here

Our wide range of colleagues are as enthusiastic as we are about delivering the best customer service. We want colleagues who will bring a unique perspective and contribute to the Society’s principles of being committed to our customers and community.

From a food store colleague to a pharmacist, a travel advisor to an accountant, there are so many different careers available with Midcounties; whichever role you choose to apply, for you’ll know you’ll be working for an award-winning colleague-focused organisation.

We strive to create an inclusive working environment where differences are valued. Each individual's contribution is recognised regardless of their gender, age, background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disabilities.

Our colleague benefits include:

  • Society membership meaning you receive a share of our Society profits
  • Competitive pension schemes, holidays and sickness benefits
  • Colleague discount card which provides discounts throughout our trading groups
  • Three paid days of volunteering so you can support a community project
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Full uniform for customer-facing roles